Learn about a completely different approach to networking that will:

  • connect you with prospects who actually have a reason to hire you

  • save you a lot of wasted time

  • make you much more comfortable.


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Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why "Networking" (instead of "Hunting") is the wrong perspective, keeps you from meeting real prospects, and fills up your calendar with low-value "relationship overhead."

  • Why the lack of a clear goal for the event guarantees failure, and how to establish a purpose that assures success and confidence.

  • Why having no strategy or plan causes you to wander around and get nothing out of your investment -- except frustration and feelings of failure. (We'll show you a simple "hunting" strategy that pays off big -- and that those you meet will welcome.)

  • How staying in your comfort zone sets up a sinkhole of burdensome follow-up that rarely pays off. (We'll show you how to keep the wrong people out of your pipeline -- and only admit those who are worth investing in.)