As we explained during our orientation call, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the right training to the right lawyers at the right time so that they'll:

  • recognize how many different ways you can help them
  • get in the habit of letting you know everything that's going on in their BD world
  • loudly and frequently declare your department's and your value to your firm's leadership

Subscribe to these newsletters we publish that will help you recognize common circumstances that lawyers aren’t aware they can influence:

  • ResultsMailVT: Weekly nuts-and-bolts marketing and sales tips that are immediately applicable.

  • Training Triggers: Browse the list of circumstances that lawyers face. Experiment with the Search function to identify known circumstances relevant to lawyers you support. Each Training Trigger shows which training you should offer the lawyer who faces that situation.

  • (Optional: e-learning) Keep up to date on developments in the world of technology-based learning.

The search function searches all of these feeds.

When you become aware of a lawyer’s imminent business development activity, review the RainmakerVT course descriptions to see which ones would be most useful.

It won’t take long before you become very familiar with the courses and their applications. If you’ve not previously experienced that course, or if it’s been a while since your last exposure to it, use your administrative account to go through the course before offering it to the lawyer. 

Any time you’re not sure which to recommend (especially in the beginning), call Mike O'Horo for guidance about course recommendations and how best to approach the lawyer in question. 

There's a red Help button on the bottom right of each page. It activates live chat.

About a week before the lawyer's scheduled activity (1-4 above), approach and offer relevant help:

“I know you’re going to that networking event next week. That’s great. Many of your colleagues have expressed frustration about how little they get, compared to the amount of time and effort they expend on these events. Others have admitted feeling really uncomfortable being there at all. We have something that will make this easier and more effective for you, and it won’t take you long to gain the capability. Would you find that helpful?”

Because the event is only 5-6 days away, it’s real, as is their memory of previous discomfort or failure. Because of the relevance of your offer, and the activity's imminence, your help should be very welcome at this moment. If you offer it too far in advance, it’s an abstraction; they’ll get around to it when they have time. You know they’ll forget and it won’t happen.

Register the lawyer for the course

Let your firm’s RainmakerVT administrator know:

  • the lawyer’s name and email address

  • which course

  • what specific 5-day period

  • to CC so she'll know to trigger the scheduled email communication

  • to CC you on the access info email that goes to the lawyer

The admin will send the lawyer email containing course access information, and CC you so you can confirm that the course and dates are as you intended.

Even if they decline the training offered, they’ll recognize the relevance of your approach. “Gee, she’s paying attention to what’s happening in my world, and is looking for ways to help me.”

Offer to have a short coaching session after they’ve completed the online training, to help them apply the training to the specific event, type of people expected, etc.

Arrange to close the feedback loop the day following the real-world use of the skill.

Tight 6-day feedback loop. The day following the real-world experience, debrief the lawyer

  • What worked, and what next steps make sense as a result?

  • What didn’t work as well, and what should we do differently as a result?

Based on the results reported, select the next logical training course from the RainmakerVT course descriptions, or search for the current situation within Training Triggers.