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Asking the right questions will become more valuable than finding answers

Successful law practice depends on asking the right questions, the right way, in the right sequence, in support of the right purpose. Likewise, astute salespeople must have the experience and judgment to ask the right questions that cause prospects to examine complicated or difficult issues in new, more useful, or more penetrating ways, leading the prospect to an optimal decision.

A year to hire a CMO? Seriously?

Hiring a marketing or business development executive takes law firms 2-6 times as long as their corporate clients. Could this be a reflection of how unimportant they view marketing and sales?

What are the most common sales objections?

Sales objections? Forget 'em. To get hired, behave as if you’ve already been hired, i.e., focus all your energies on helping your prospect make a good decision, without regard to your self-interest.

Finding a “decision-maker”

Seeking a single decision-maker mentality is how salespeople create most of the problems they spend money on sales training to learn how to fix.

The “Price” problem

Lawyers: Explore all the costs of indecision: Strategic, Operational, Economic, Emotional.  Only then will Price be in its proper perspective.