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"Actions to enhance revenue"

Law firm cost-cutting is only half the equation. It must be combined with creating a real sales force. Otherwise, it's a Band-Aid.

Client-Funded Sales Investigations

Law firms don't grow current clients because they lack intelligence about problems that drive demand, despite having the means to obtain it.

You are either building, selling, or leaving

Lawyers, it's simple: Sellers are in short supply, so they're in demand. There's an oversupply of Builders (service lawyers), so they're not in demand. Become a seller.

Enough with this “closing” madness

Traditional sales language, e.g., "closing," speaks of acting upon the buyer rather than with her. Pursuing a selfish “yes” creates resistance.

Business development vs. sales

What is the difference between “business development” and “sales,” and does it matter? Lawyers routinely use these terms interchangeably, but shouldn't.

What are the most common sales objections?

Sales objections? Forget 'em. To get hired, behave as if you’ve already been hired, i.e., focus all your energies on helping your prospect make a good decision, without regard to your self-interest.