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The remark highlighted below, by Antonio Zufiria, IBM’s president for Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, offered at the Wharton Global Alumni Forum in Madrid during a panel on innovation, is instructive for U.S. law firms, who appear to remain resistant to adopting new technologies or strategies other than those focused on the production and delivery of legal work product.

“Being cautious is to stop moving, and when you stay quiet, you’re dead.”

Relative to RainmakerVT, our interactive virtual sales training for lawyers, two other comments seem apt, although admittedly a little self-serving.

María Garaña, president of Microsoft Spain, noted, “half a million people work in the high-tech sector (in Spain). Yet the penetration rate of customer relationship management (CRM) information systems is barely 23%. Options such as CRM, virtualization [technology] and mobile technology have enabled companies to reduce their costs by as much as 30%.”

Ms. Garaña also cited a trend she termed “consumerization,” a word that incorporates the possibility of achieving the same objectives by using different mechanisms at any hour and in any place.

Lawyers:  Your clients are declaring in simple language that virtualization and cloud-based service delivery are absolute requirements now, not luxuries.

To both executives we say “Thank You.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Mike O'Horo

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