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Many lawyers fail to see both sides of the client development equation. They understand the importance of attracting prospects, but fail to see the significance in eliminating the “time-wasters” among those prospects. There’s a group of people that understands this concept all too well: online daters.

A good friend is a world-renowned consultant for online dating sites. In survey after survey, he’s heard every complaint from male and female subscribers to dating sites like and

It turns out that the biggest complaint women have about dating online is men misrepresenting their purpose, i.e., professing to want a serious relationship or marriage when they really only want to date casually. Women say it’s too difficult to filter out the serious candidates from the “players,” and it may take three or four dates to learn the man’s true purpose.

Given a choice between meeting 100 compatible men, but with no guarantee of “commitment-readiness,” or five compatible men guaranteed to want a serious relationship, which would most women choose? The five viable candidates, of course. What’s the value in 100 more dates, if a woman has to test each one for her most important trait?

The “mass-vetting” online dating scenario is similar to how lawyers try to get clients. They assume everyone they meet will be interested in a new “lawyer relationship” at some point, when 30 – 50% of prospects will never buy from (commit to) anyone — for reasons that have nothing to do with lawyer/prospect compatibility.

Without a method to discern whether or not a prospect will ever be viable, lawyers go down long roads, wasting time (often years), money, and effort.

Mike O'Horo

Wouldn’t you like to have a process, consisting of only five or six questions, that immediately reveals whether or not a prospect is worth pursuing? We have such a process, and it’s helped thousands of lawyers like you avoid energy-sapping pointless “courtships.”

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