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Even if you’re not a baseball fan, unless you completely avoid sports news you know that in early July the NY Yankees’ Derek Jeter collected his 3,000th Major League hit, making him only the 28th man in the entire history of baseball to do so, and the only one in NY Yankees history.  (He was already that storied franchise’s all-time hits leader, surpassing legend Lou Gehrig exactly two years earlier.)

What does any of this have to do with lawyers getting clients?

Derek Jeter practices constantly to make ever-so-slight improvements in all parts of his game. He’ll spend hour after hour repeating the same play until it becomes something he does naturally in the process of a game.

As Jeter says,

“Baseball is a sport where, until you hit 1.000 and make no errors (in the field), you always have something to work on.  My philosophy is that a lot of people can be better than you, but no one should work harder.  I work as hard as anybody, and eventually it should pay off.”

(Today, we recognize that last remark as colossal understatement. Jeter’s five World Series wins and reaching the very exclusive 3,000-hit club prove that his practice commitment has paid off, indeed.)

How much time to you spend practicing your business development game?  Are you smooth, natural and confident, or raw, clumsy and anxious?

Update:  This weekend, Derek passed Mickey Mantle as having played the most games in a Yankee uniform.

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