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This is part of a brilliant post by Dan Waldschmidt, "The Lies Sales Experts Shamelessly Tell You." Under that title, he offers this brutal truth:

“Of course you need to use your head.  Running around doing random actions is just silly.  If that’s the stage of your sales game, you have bigger problems than thinking about “working smarter”.

But herein is one of the biggest lies in all of selling – that selling can be distilled down into a nice 7-step program.

Selling successfully requires mind-blowing amounts of raw effort.  It’s not sexy, fun, or cute.  It’s sweaty, gut-busting, manual labor.

And anything else you plan for is bound to blow up in your face.  Most of us need to work harder – a lot harder.  Are we really working to our full potential?  Really?

Until you master the working harder part, you have no business even thinking about working smarter.  It’s a lie that continues to cripple millions of sales people every day.

Easier usually means less effective.  Remember that.”

So, lawyers, let’s dispense with the idea that business development is some kind of “extra,” and that you can devote a couple of hours per week and generate a meaningful book of business.  Forget it.  To the degree that they ever existed, those days are behind us.  It’s time to stop being divas and get out there and compete — for a meaningful part of every day.

RainmakerVT can give you the skills, but only you can produce the commitment and effort. Will you?

First, establish a reliable “why” that takes you to “must do.” After that, you’ll still need to master the “how.”

RainmakerVT will teach you a smarter plan that minimizes the time it takes to develop and apply it.  Go to Create a Marketing Plan that’s Actually Useful.