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Takes your money, but doesn’t meet your needs? Are you putting in the work, yet still find yourself hopelessly waiting by the phone?

Don’t fret — It’s not you; it’s them. 

Allow me to elaborate:

My co-founder, Craig Levinson, was asked to write an article about particular legal marketing strategies that continually fail to deliver for lawyers in the U.S., UK, & Canada. Over the years, we’ve met countless firms and attorneys who:

  1. Spent significant dollars on advertising campaigns, websites, and/or directories, yet have seen little or no return on those investments;
  2. Wrote articles or alerts about legal issues of note, then did a Google search days later to find that hundreds of other lawyers wrote something similar;
  3. Put in significant effort attending networking events and following up on the phone with clients and prospects, only to find that the targets were unmoved (and often annoyed) by their pitches for business; and
  4. Spent countless hours working on RFPs and prepping for beauty contests they thought they nailed, yet the “we want to hire you” phone call never came.

Please understand that Craig's article doesn't attack these approaches. It suggests that otherwise solid approaches consistently fail because of bad advice, or, more often, no advice or direction at all. Networking events and follow-up calls can be great, but lawyers rarely undertake the preparation to succeed.

Did you know that there's a road-map for mastering networking events?

Have you ever been taught the twelve key networking event decision points and contingencies for which every lawyer must be prepared? Probably not. The lack of direction and process in programs of legal marketing “gurus” — that will be the crux of the article.

For every lawyer who has been terribly let down by a legal marketing strategy, I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your story here on the blog. If, however, you prefer anonymity, feel free to contact me at mikeohoro@rainmakervt.com. I’d like to include the tales of approximately five lawyers in the article. Unless you specify otherwise, I won’t use actual names, but will instead characterize each lawyer.

The handful of lawyers chosen will be the ones with the most compelling stories about failed legal marketing investments. The stories we hear about lawyers flushing money down the toilet due to poor advice sadden us. For each attorney chosen, we'll offer our services, pro bono, to help put them back on the right track. Perhaps we’ll simultaneously demonstrate that all lawyers can become business development success stories if they just free themselves from the many outdated, impractical, and inappropriate legal marketing strategies that infect our industry.

We look forward to hearing your stories.