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This time of year finds us out and about, attending receptions, parties and other holiday events, often with prospects and clients.  We all know we should use these social occasions to enhance relationships and advance our ability to earn more substantive interactions in January.  Many lawyers are uncomfortable with how to go about networking without over-reaching the social compact or violating the spirit of existing friendships.

Before immersing yourself in this annual rite, invest a half-hour or so learning how to manage these situations artfully while advancing your business aims in a way that those you encounter respect and appreciate.

RainmakerVT offers an online learning tool that teaches you how to network like a pro.  It's a simulation of a networking event.  It doesn't have eggnog or holiday-themed ties, but it does offer a realistic scenario within which you'll decide how you should respond at multiple "say/do" decision points.  For each response you choose, you'll get immediate video feedback and coaching explaining why that was or wasn't the optimal choice.  Incorrect response?  No problem. You'll be prompted to choose again.  Correct responses restart the scenario and progress to the next decision.

This networking event simulation is only a small part of the world's first interactive virtual business development training for lawyers. It's designed to get you started on a business development practice that's as disciplined and rigorous as your law practice.

Here's what the entire suite contains.

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