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A reader of our blog, from India, contacted me looking for guidance on his legal services business. The company provides assistance to individuals based in the U.S. who are facing legal proceedings in India, and don’t want to travel all the way there.

He writes, “The hurdle which I am facing currently is finding customers who want this kind of service. I am sure there are a number of individuals who have legal issues (Property cases, Divorce cases, etc.) back here in India, but I am unable to reach them with my concept, so any suggestion would be a great help to me and my firm.”

The sentence that sticks out like a sore thumb is,

The hurdle which I am facing currently is finding customers who want this kind of service.”

Great companies, law firms, and lawyers don’t find customers; they enable potential customers or clients to find them. They quickly establish themselves as the thought leader(s) in a particular space—and if they use an efficient process, it doesn’t have to cost them a nickel.

Here’s a summary of the optimal process for gaining thought leadership–-fast, efficiently, and free:

Mike O'Horo

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