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We recently reported about predictions that over half of the world’s high-end legal work will be disappearing or losing its pricing power and profitability. The gist of the story is that companies will still pay law firm rates for:

  • Advocacy (e.g. high-end litigation) and
  • Counseling (long term strategic advice), 

but not for:

  • Content (providing information about legal issues) and
  • Process (analyzing contracts, discovery, etc.).

At the 13:15 mark of this video, Jennifer Smith of The Wall Street Journal cites a trend that seems to mirror this notion.

RainmakerVT was built to get you into the top 25% that will do well. Don’t scoff. We've worked with solo practitioners and small firm lawyers who:

  • handle advocacy and counseling work for Fortune 500 companies 
  • get M&A work from a European multinational, at the expense of AmLaw 20 firms
  • enjoy “favored status” at a Fortune 100 company (with an outside counsel stable that includes the biggest law firms in the world) for advocacy and counseling work pertaining to the most novel industry issues

We’ve proven over and over again that it can be done, yet we still seem to hear an endless chorus of, “I can’t compete with the Skaddens of the world because [insert flimsy argument].” That limitation is 100% self-imposed, and disproved by lawyers every day.

Take a serious inventory of what’s keeping you from getting the advocacy and counseling work you really want. See how much of it is self-limiting.  

As we speak, there are solos and small firm lawyers out-dueling the Skaddens of the world for certain advocacy and consulting work--the same work they’re also doing for local mom-and-pop businesses. If any of your excus…I mean, rationales, are at odds with the previous statement, you’ll know they’re self-imposed limitations.

Mike O'Horo

Believing that you can't learn to market and sell is another self-limiting belief. RainmakerVT's just-in-time training is the "virtualization" of proven concepts and processes that produced the results cited above, plus another $1.5 billion in new business for the lawyers who embraced and practiced the discipline.

You know you have to improve your business development skills to get the business you need. But most of the training you see offered feels more like a degree program with a someday/maybe payoff rather than the specific help you need right now.

RainmakerVT is the most innovative, effective, convenient and affordable business development training you can get. And you don’t have to commit to a long, drawn-out training program. RainmakerVT is just-in-time training. That means that In 15-30-minute chunks, available from any computer or tablet 24/7, each course teaches you a concrete, practical skill you can apply right now, to the immediate challenge in front of you. Buy only what you need, only when you need it.

Take a look at our course list, and then read what lawyers like you said about RainmakerVT in user-feedback interviews.