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…it will be Thanksgiving. For business developers, it’s the virtual end of the year.

After the long Thanksgiving weekend, it’s a week until December, and your prospects and clients begin slipping into a combination of Year-End Mode and Holiday Mode.

For prospects and clients, Year-End Mode means finishing up projects and other work that can’t or shouldn’t carry over into 2015, preparing for year-end reporting and other management requirements, and preparing for the start of the new year. For lawyers, it means scrambling to finish work that clients need before the actual end of the calendar year, submitting and collecting bills, etc.  

For everyone, Holiday Mode means diverting a portion of your attention and energy to holiday season obligations such as business and personal social events, shopping and other family tasks, maybe some travel.

So, the upshot, as far as initiating things like new business calls and the like, is that it gets much harder to reach people because both buyers and sellers have less time and attention to devote to, well, buying and selling. It’s easy to simply think, “manana,” and put it off until the new year.

That means that, unless you’re the rare lawyer who won’t need any business or revenue in January, as of today you have seven weeks to fill your pipeline enough to have something squeeze out in December and January.

If you’re a solo, this is called cash flow, your life blood. If you’re in BigLaw, this is a big part of your year-end comp review.

With less time to get the job done, you need to apply maximum effectiveness and efficiency. RainmakerVT helps you sharpen your skills quickly to achieve both aims—conveniently, affordably, engagingly.

Mike O'Horo

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