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Much is written in the legal press about lawyers' anxiety about their ability to generate business in today's brutally competitive legal-service market. But, apart from anecdotal comments, how anxious or confident are lawyers, really? For example: 

  • Are you more concerned about opportunity-generation (marketing) or opportunity-conversion (sales)?

  • How productive is your referral network?

  • How well positioned are you in a growing market segment?

Skill or luck?

Even if you're a very senior lawyer, or have been successful generating business, you may be surprised by the number of traits that characterize reliable and sustainable rainmaking vs. merely fortunate circumstances.

We're conducting a survey to put some hard data behind the published anecdotes, and generate a Lawyer Business-Generation Confidence Index, which we'll update periodically. 

What's in it for you?

Why should you spend even the five minutes it will take to complete the survey? 

  • We'll send you guidelines to interpret your situation, so you'll know what you need to focus on to raise your effectiveness -- and confidence.

  • We'll share the survey results with you before we publish them in a legal industry publication. You can compare your outlook against the norm.

  • The survey questions will trigger a useful thought process that will help you assess your situation, and recognize and make decisions about how you should focus your effort.

If you're a law firm leader…

You should encourage your colleagues to complete this survey. The collected results will show you where to focus your investments and effort.

If the survey takes you more than five minutes or so, you're doing too much thinking. It's a simple 1-10 rating scale; no narrative required.  Go with your gut response. 

Thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to rate your confidence about today's business-generation challenges by completing our brief survey. 

Mike O’Horo