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In only 7 Weeks...

For business developers, Thanksgiving is the virtual end of the year. Use the remaining 7 weeks to assure a strong start to 2014.

Are you ready for the law firm Final Four?

With a huge spike in law firm “mergers” and lateral recruitment, law firms need to stop the madness and start increasing PPP by using existing lawyers to generate business.

Compensation Spreads of the AmLaw 200

Highest-paid partners make 24 times what lowest-paid make, with an average ratio of 11:1. Bring in business, or finance the top lawyers' pay.

"Actions to enhance revenue"

Law firm cost-cutting is only half the equation. It must be combined with creating a real sales force. Otherwise, it's a Band-Aid.

Client-Funded Sales Investigations

Law firms don't grow current clients because they lack intelligence about problems that drive demand, despite having the means to obtain it.

Habits v. Discipline

How to trade the mindless, comforting, easy billable work focus for the skills to be good at business development.

Disturbing industry trends continue in Q1 2011

Q1 of 2011 is the fourth quarter in a row that  Citi Private Bank’s Law Firm Group delivered bad news legal service demand. The solution is to increase the number of revenue-generators.

CMO Reporting Structure Being Reconsidered?

The CMO/BDO, a person who spends every day thinking about revenue-generating strategies, should not only report solely to the Managing Partner, but should also be a fixture at Executive Committee meetings.