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Coda to "Who is your client?"

How to create relationships with business management without alienating inhouse counsel? Earn them by contributing relevant thinking.

Why You Haven’t Been Hired

Not getting hired? It’s not for the old-school reasons most lawyers (and others) assume, but for much simpler human reasons that are easier to fix. 

Lawyers: Are you selling at retail, or wholesale?

Associates sell legal services to clients, either externally at retail, or internally at wholesale to middlemen, i.e., partners, who mark up their services before reselling them at retail to clients.  Once you know how to get clients, you can fire your middleman, and get the markup for yourself.

Fear asking for referrals? No more.

The barrier to referrals is reluctance to ask. When asked, “Why have you not referred anyone to this firm?” The answer: “Nobody ever asked me.”