Firms who provide training for their lawyers want to be able to oversee their training investment. RainmakerVT's management dashboard lets you see who's doing what, and how everyone is progressing.

At-a-glance update:

From the Main Menu, click Tattletale Reports. You'll see a visual display of the group's activity and progress within a date range, including what days the activity occurred.

11 Tattletale report- group.jpeg

To change the period under review, click Filter Report at upper right, and adjust the date range.

12 Filter report .jpeg

To filter your report by users' names, change the Filter by criteria to User by clicking the toggle, then click View and Select Users:

13 Filter by user.jpeg

You'll see a list of all your firm's users. (As your user list grows, you'll find the search function at upper right more useful than scrolling.)

Click each user whose report you wish to view, then click Select Users at bottom left.

14 Tattletale Select Users.jpeg

Now your activity summary will be for the subset of users you selected. You might want to use this to see how different practice groups fare, or offices.

15 Tattletale Selected Users summary.jpeg

If you want to see how lawyers respond to different courses, change your filter to Content Role (course title), and click that dropdown menu to select the courses you wish to review. Click Go, just below and to the left of the dropdown.

16 tattletale filter by course name.jpeg

To review progress for a group or individual lawyer, from the Main Menu click on Report Cards:

17 Main menu- Report cards.jpeg

To view your active group, on the Report Card Search page, make sure the Status is Active, click theContent Role toggle to include the course names in your view, and click Search Users. (If you want to see only one, enter that lawyer's name.)

18 Report Card search.jpeg

From the resulting list, to view individual lawyers' report cards, either click on the page icon for that lawyer in theOptions column, or click the lawyer's name and click Generate Report Cards at bottom left.

19 Generate report card.jpeg

View one report card, or up to 50. Simply click the ones you want to see and select Generate Report Cards.

Here's an example. (You're fortunate to be training legendary Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis):

11 Brandeis report card.jpeg

Unfortunately, the report card shows that Justice Brandeis hasn't started the Collaborative Pricing course you provided him.

As you saw previously, you can filter anyone's report card to view their training performance by date range and view trends.

10 brandeis filtered report.jpeg