Client visits

  • I'm meeting with a client to have a white-paper style discussion about industry issues & trends. How do I turn that into business?

  • I'm presenting a group education session at a client's office. How can I maximize its marketing value?


Getting a foot in the door

  • Most companies already have outside lawyers in my practice area.

  • We’re locked out of a lot of great work because we’re a small firm.


Client Retention

  • My best client just got acquired by a huge company based elsewhere.

  • My client notified me I must now compete for work I’ve been doing forever.

  • My best client is changing jobs, and I don’t know her successor.

  • Competitors with more prestigious brands are pitching my client. How can I keep the client?

  • Longtime clients don’t seem to send as much work to us now.

  • My client is reducing the number of outside firms; I fear we could get squeezed out.

  • I want to keep in touch with clients, but usually don’t have a reason to call other than “touching base,” which seems lame.

  • Competitors are making a concerted run at my client.


Getting Started

  • It's time for me to get serious about business development, but I’m confused about how to get started.

  • I’ve just been elected partner; there’s pressure on me to start generating more of my own work.

  • I’m early in my career. How can I contribute to business development?

  • I need to bring in business, but hate the idea of selling and pitching.

  • I have to write a marketing plan, but have no idea how to do it other than listing a bunch of random activities.

  • I have limited time to market myself. How can I become better known in my market?

  • While working on legal matters, I have lots of client contact, but don’t know how to get business from it.


Writing, Speaking

  • I have an opportunity to write an article, but I’m really tight on time.

  • I blog and participate in LinkedIn discussions, but don’t see any business from it.

  • I’m often invited to speak at industry conferences, but haven’t gotten much business from it.

  • I can’t seem to get invited to speak at the “right” conferences.


Networking & Events

  • My firm requires me to attend networking events, which always make me uncomfortable.

  • My firm is hosting a client reception; I don’t know how to start conversations with the guests.

  • I’m uncomfortable approaching strangers at events.

  • I meet people and collect business cards at events, but nothing ever comes of it.

  • My contacts rarely introduce me to their peers.

  • I’m on a number of charity- and civic boards, but don’t seem to get clients from them.


Pricing, Value

  • Clients are demanding fixed/alternative fees; I'm not comfortable with the pricing discussion.

  • Competitors have gotten my client interested in fixed pricing. Now I have to come up with a matter estimate.

  • The GC of my client announced that she must achieve a 15% overall reduction in legal expense, and demands lower rates.

  • My clients nickel-and-dime me about our bills.

  • A competitor gave a low-ball estimate for a litigation matter; I don’t know how to combat that.

  • Rates in my practice area are declining.

  • Clients are shifting work to lower-priced firms.


Declining Practice

  • Technology & outsourcing are replacing the work I’ve been doing for years, or removing the profitability

  • I’ve been a decent rainmaker, but what used to get clients for me doesn’t work anymore.

  • The partner who provided most of my hours just left the firm.


Stalled Sales

  • I’ve been marketing to [Company] for years without getting anywhere.

  • My prospect hires from an approved panel; I can’t get on it.

  • I’m well known in an industry, but struggle to convert my “fame” into business.

  • Prospects don’t seem to care that we can do the same quality work at lower rates than [big city firm].

  • My sales call seemed to go well, but it’s been three weeks since and I’ve heard nothing from the prospect.

  • Everybody at the client agrees that they need to solve this problem, but they can't seem to make a decision.

  • I have a sales call scheduled, and i’m not confident about how to handle it.



  • I can’t get my colleagues to cross-sell me to their clients.

  • My referral network doesn’t produce much business anymore.


Social Relationships

  • I have social relationships with senior counsel & executives but can’t seem to convert those into business relationships.

  • I just learned that a friend is now CFO at a big company, but I don’t know how to approach him without risking the friendship.

  • I have lots of social relationships with decision-makers who’ve never given me business.