Dezurve solves an important problem for law firms. It eliminates the waste of their BD training/coaching dollars by lawyers who aren’t serious about learning and developing BD skills. They estimate that waste at 80%, which is staggering. As you see below, it doesn’t matter how they try to choose which lawyers to invest in.

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The Dezurve content library enables law firms to offer BD self-education to every lawyer in their firm, and to measure lawyers’ BD content consumption activity within the library as a way to discern how serious each is about learning BD skills, and thereby to inform subsequent training/coaching investment decisions.

Dezurve’s cost is trivial ($20/lawyer/year), with no management overhead to add burden to busy CMOs’ plates. Set it and forget it.

So, what’s in it for you?

More bang for the buck = more bucks available for you

If firms eliminate the huge waste and invest only in lawyers who are serious, they’ll get far less pushback on proposed budgets for your training and coaching services. (Dezurve is coaching agnostic; it doesn’t require firms to hire me, or even suggest it.) The savings will enable funding in PR, social media, CRM, website development -- all the various services that consultants might offer.

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Your content will be seen and rated by all the lawyers whose firms subscribe to Dezurve. Lawyers must rate the content to get credit for reading it, which enables you to earn preference by developing a following among a firm’s lawyers.

Repurpose existing content

There’s no need to create original content for Dezurve. Use what you already have. It’s a great way for you to get more mileage out of articles you’ve previously published, and establish or reinforce your thought leadership within subscribing firms.

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Promotional space on every page

When you publish content to the Dezurve library, your profile appears next to every article. This space is yours to promote your service, upcoming events, new products, whatever you wish.