As an Administrator, you should have received your user name/password from Trish Wilson.  Contact her with any questions or if you have any difficulty managing this process.

To Access Admin Functions: 

Client login options pg.jpeg






Click on “Client Login”. Choose the second option.





Enter user name and password







Main menu.jpeg


Scroll down to "Quick Links".  Click on "Manage Users"








Create user.jpeg



On the User Management page, click the Create User tab




Create user.jpeg






Personal Information

Enter the lawyer's First/Last Name and email address





Account Information

Active User?  New user accounts default to Active status for the first time you register someone for a course.  

Enter a user name and password:

User Name: To simplify things, we suggest you use the lawyer's email address


  • Passwords must be at least six characters in length
  • Passwords must contain one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number or symbol
  • Passwords cannot contain the word “Password”


  • Mohoro10205

Account Expiration: 7 calendar days including registration date.  This allows you time to prepare and send your "user email", as well as time for the user to actually see the email, which is why we don't count the day of registration.  Then count 5 calendar days, which is the date you'll give your users (since access expires at Midnight on that date), then choose the next calendar day as the date you enter in this field.    

Application Settings.jpeg

Application Settings

Access Level should be "User A."

Use the "elevator bar" on the right edge of the course list to scroll through the course list. Check the box for the course that this lawyer will take. (Refer to the RainmakerVT Course List if you're unsure of titles. "TDP" is an abbreviation of The Decision Process, which is a group of three simulations within the Getting Chosen section.)







Add user.jpeg



At the Bottom of the page, click "Add User"







Confirm create user.jpeg


You'll see on onscreen confirmation that you've created a user with that email address. Send an email to the lawyer providing instructions how access to this specific course.



Next Steps

Send an email (see sample email below) to the lawyer advising she has been registered for the (specific) course, showing how to access RainmakerVT, and provide the user name and password you’ve established.

At the end of the 5-day access period, subscribe each lawyer to the following RainmakerVT newsletters:

ResultsMailVT: every Tuesday, you'll receive a practical, nuts-and-bolts marketing/sales tip

Rainmaking in a Buyer's Market: published every other Sunday morning, this is a broader conversation about rainmaking in a buyer's market; more context

Training Triggers: A list of real-world situations that you'll recognize, correlated to specific RainmakerVT courses that teach you how to succeed in that situation.

Sample email to users:

For the next five days, you’ll have unlimited access to [Course Title]. To access the training:

Go to

At the far right, click on Client Login

Select 2nd Option for law firm login

Login using:

  • Username:
  • Password:

Click Select in the Training Center box

Click on the Category shown, then your course

To access RainmakerVT via iPad, click here for Accessing RainmakerVT via iPadinstructions to get the Photon Flash Player for iPad browser that enables you to use Flash on your iPad. Access the training using the Photon browser instead of Safari or Chrome. 

This course is available to you for five days. Your access will expires at midnight on ___________.  Because none of us learns something new in only one exposure, we encourage you to repeat the training as often as you can during your access period. On days 3 and 5,  you'll receive a reminder to do so.

Message from the RainmakerVT founders: My name is Mike O’Horo, RainmakerVT’s co-founder and creator. Our COO, Trish Wilson, and I have one goal: To turn you into a stark raving fan of RainmakerVT, and we’re committed to doing everything possible to earn that. We’re real people with whom you can actually speak if you wish (not some faceless corporation). I invite you to call or email Trish or me for any reason, including:

  • Any difficulties accessing or using RainmakerVT, or confusion or lack of clarity
  • Stories of your success
  • Feedback about RainmakerVT training, or ideas for improving the RainmakerVT experience
  • Ideas for future training topics, e.g., challenges you face
  • Criticism or kudos

For iPad Users:

The Photon browser allows you to view Flash content on the iPad. Simply launch Photon instead of Safari or Chrome. You can obtain it here.