Thank you for considering contributing content to the Dezurve BD Education library. Here's an explanation of how it works, and what's in it for you.

Last Fall, before building this app, I discussed the Dezurve concept and execution with CMOs, BDOs, Managing Partners, Practice Group leaders, and Executive Directors at 85 law firms across the spectrum of size and geography. Every one of them said it was a great idea that solves a longstanding problem. 65 of those said they'd probably buy it, assuming that what I built was as good as they envisioned it being. Two firms were so enthusiastic that they purchased it sight-unseen to make sure I built it.

Just think how successful your client firms and you would be if firms only invested in, and you only worked with, the lawyers who really want to learn. Firms wouldn’t waste money on the wrong lawyers, or miss out on the right ones whom they might not have chosen. You’d produce dramatic results (and wouldn’t be stuck babysitting the unwilling).

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Dezurve is an opportunity for you to re-purpose your previously-published BD content and establish a presence and earn preference with hundreds of law firms and thousands of lawyers -- free.

Your profile appears next to every article you publish. You can use that space to promote whatever you want -- products, services, events, offers -- anything. And you can change it anytime you like, say, to promote an upcoming webinar, then change it after the event. You can include links to your "gated asset" offers, e.g., white papers, eBooks, free trials, that harvest opt-in email marketing permission.


Dezurve is the Education component of the three-part learning mission (Education, Training, Coaching).

Education Library of marketing/sales content, e.g., articles, white papers, blog posts, etc.

  • Available to everyone via sign-in

  • Measurable consumption, activity.

  • Each piece of content has a short quiz associated with it.

  • The idea isn't to coerce compliance, but to document voluntary performance to inform training/coaching investment decisions.

  • Yelp-like rating function gets you noticed by potential clients

Your Commitment:

Good content. That's it. Contribute as much or as little as you like, as often or seldom as you like. Remove content whenever you like.


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