When a lawyer logs in to the Dezurve library, she's presented with four familiar ways to search for the content she needs:

  1. Keyword search
  2. Tree structure
  3. By category
  4. By topic

Because BD time is a challenge for most lawyers, she clicks on Making Time for BD.

Dezurve_com_Library- making time for BD.jpg

She's presented with abstracts of articles within this topic. At the bottom, she sees that there are three more pages of results. She clicks on "I've been swamped," because it's a common excuse for ignoring BD.


The article she chose displays. She'll scroll to read all of it.


After reading the article, she rates the article using a familiar 5-star system. Then, she answers the fill-in-the-blank quiz questions. (Since the article remains in view, this isn't really a test, but a reinforcing mechanism. However, she can't submit her activity for point credit without completing these two steps.


When she submits her work successfully, she'll get an onscreen confirmation, and will be returned to the main Library page.