To get started, shouldn’t we do a pilot group and offer Dezurve to them first?

No. You’re in the habit of trying to limit your risk by choosing what you think are your best bets, i.e., lawyers most likely to make use of the tool. Dezurve limits your risk by enabling lawyers to self-select by demonstrating their commitment to learning -- or not. At $20 per lawyer per year, it’s so inexpensive that you can afford to make it available to everyone.

Our Marketing/BD team has so much on our plate now, shouldn’t we wait until we can give it more attention?

No. Dezurve presents no management burden at all. You make it available, and the lawyers will either use it or not, and the app will capture who does and who doesn’t. There’s nothing for you to do until you have a decision to make, such as a lawyer requesting that you pay for coaching. You open the app, look up the lawyer’s name, and the color-coded results are readable at a glance.

I like the idea of Dezurve, but I’m reluctant to dump yet one more thing in the lawyers’ laps.

Normally, that’s a good decision. However, what Dezurve will reveal is which lawyers consider this an opportunity to learn, and which consider it yet another burden dropped in their lap. You want to identify both so you can limit your real investments to the former.

Would senior lawyers use Dezurve, or is it primarily of value to associates?

The Dezurve library contains hundreds of articles on every marketing, sales, and client retention topic that lawyers can conceive of, and hundreds more that they’re not even aware of. Unless you believe that your senior lawyers already know everything there is to know about BD, there’s something for everyone. In the commercial world, the most successful salespersons are the biggest consumers of education and training. They know that a) it’s important to refresh your skills continuously, and b) getting even one good idea makes it worthwhile.

We have a lot of good content. Can we publish it in the Dezurve library?

Yes. Anyone at all can register as a Content Contributor and submit articles, which I curate for quality, relevance, and clarity.

How do you arrive at your color-coded ratings of lawyers’ participation?

They get a point for each article they read, and two points for completing the associated quiz.

How do you know if a lawyer actually read the article?

To get credit, they must complete the quiz and rate the article. Otherwise, the Submit button is inactive. Reading time for most articles is only 2-4 minutes. If they open the article, they’ll likely read it.

How do you prevent them looking at the article while they take the quiz?

We don’t. The quiz isn’t intended to be a test in the usual sense, but reinforcement. We want them to look at the article to find the answer.

Can I view the lawyers in descending order of performance?

Yes. Your dashboard shows all the lawyers’ previous 10 weeks activity. You can rank by cumulative score (all weeks since registration), most recent 10 weeks, or any individual week. Let’s say you have a big client reception upcoming. You can see who had a lot of activity in the week or two beforehand, suggesting that they took the event seriously and invested time to prepare for it.

What about lawyers who are in trial when we kick off Dezurve, and complain that they couldn’t get started with everyone else?

There is no common starting date to miss. Day One is available to every lawyer, every day.

What is the graduation fee?

That’s a small success fee for us, charged only for the smaller pool of lawyers who progress to Stage 2.

I don’t think our rainmakers or older lawyers will participate. Wouldn’t we be wasting money by buying Dezurve for everyone?

Maybe they will; maybe they won’t. As our survey results show, there’s no way to know. However, our survey also revealed a third problem, i.e., that those not chosen for training investment feel resentful, marginalized, devalued, and feel that the selection process is unfairly biased in favor of an internal clique.

Even if you’re right, and they don’t participate, the Dezurve fee is trivial. You’ll learn reliably where they stand for very little money, and they can’t complain about being excluded from more significant investments because if they want that, they can begin consuming Dezurve content right now and demonstrate their worthiness for additional investment. You never have to say “No,” only “There’s the path; follow it and we’ll be happy to invest more in you.”

My team knows our lawyers very well. I don’t think we need any help identifying which lawyers will participate or not.

I’m sure you do know them. However, as our survey showed, every firm thought they knew which lawyers to choose for training/coaching investment, yet by their own admission they were all wrong by a factor of 20% - 90%, irrespective of their selection scheme.

Even if you’re right, Dezurve gives your firm a chance for everyone to learn at least a little. Every bit makes them more likely to know what to do or not to do in a competitive situation, so at the very least they won’t undermine the effort of a more skilled lawyer.