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Law firms can take heart that, when it comes to e-learning, they're not alone behind the curve: 40% of companies don't have an e-learning program in place. So reports Corexcel (an elearning strategy consulting firm), who polled 4500 corporate learning experts. As reported in the LearnDash blog

"When looking into who are the users of most e-learning programs, the highest reported demographic were newly hired employees.  This naturally makes sense given the use of e-learning for orientation-type training, and programs designed to teach very specific job-related activities or skills, especially if procedural in nature."

What does this have to do with lawyers facing the competitive intensity of the New Normal? I'll argue that many types of lawyers are similar to new hires:

  • newly-minted partners

  • longstanding partners whose book of business has declined

  • associates aspiring to partnership

  • small firms and solos

When it comes to BD, lawyers are like new hires

I describe lawyers as akin to new hires because, like new hires, they find themselves in a completely new and confusing environment, having to do a job with which they're unfamiliar and under-prepared. If you doubt this, ask any lawyer who's been practicing more than six years how much of his or her job resembles their job pre-2008.

In the New Normal, everyone has a new component to their job: quickly find a way to make a meaningful contribution to revenue generation. Given the number of affected lawyers, only technology-based training can solve the problem effectively, at scale, for an acceptable cost.

And please, please don't just hack together talking-heads recordings of webinars or lectures by partners or consultants (even me, believe it or not). It's said that the only thing worse than talking heads is recorded talking heads. Unfortunately for many of those corporate learners, most survey respondents reported that their e-learning programs were just that, an "online presentation of recorded conferences or webinars."

Mike O'Horo

Fortunately, we've already done better. According to lawyers' reviews, much better. RainmakerVT e-learning features interactive simulations of networking events, sales calls, beauty contests and other challenges common to lawyers' biz dev life. 

You know you have to improve your business development skills to get the business you need. But most of the training you see offered feels more like a degree program with a someday/maybe payoff rather than the specific help you need right now.

RainmakerVT is the most innovative, effective, convenient and affordable business development training you can get. And you don’t have to commit to a long, drawn-out training program. RainmakerVT is just-in-time training. That means that In 15-30-minute chunks, available from any computer or tablet 24/7, each course teaches you a concrete, practical skill you can apply right now, to the immediate challenge in front of you. Buy only what you need, only when you need it.

Take a look at our course list, and then read what lawyers like you said about RainmakerVT in user-feedback interviews.