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Rainmaking Innovators is a community of people who recognize that technology-based training (e-learning, distance learning, whatever you want to call it) is the future of lawyer business development training. They know that their firms' clients have embraced e-learning for two decades because, done well, it's

  • effective
  • convenient
  • measurable
  • affordable and
  • engaging.

They also know that the law business must embrace it, too, because lawyers' demand for training is growing, but the traditional resources available to satisfy that demand are static, or even shrinking.

This community is for CMOs, BDOs, firm leaders, and all others who need to optimize

  • business development training effectiveness,
  • lawyer engagement,
  • resource usage,
  • cost management, and
  • return on investment.

Each week we'll publish thought leadership from the e-learning world, interpreted for the law business. Please make liberal use of the Comment section to offer suggestions, disagree, argue, refine, augment, enhance, and share additional information sources.

Mike O'Horo