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Save the date: Thursday, October 18

2:00pm EDT

Live webinar with Mike O'Horo, creator of online training tools RainmakerVT and Dezurve

After attending this webinar, you'll be ready to get the most help for your lawyers -- while protecting your budget -- and without adding to your management burden.

Mike will show you how to identify the right lawyers for training and coaching, and avoid wasting 80% of your budget on the wrong ones.

The challenge is preparing a larger number of your firm's lawyers to generate revenue. Few have the skills needed. With limited budgets, firm leaders struggle with how to pay for business development training and coaching on any meaningful scale. The problem has three parts:

  1. Firms can’t afford to train everyone.

  2. There’s no way to predict which lawyers are good training investments and which aren’t.

  3. Those excluded perceive the selection process as biased.

We’ll review the results of 100 interviews with law firm leaders who acknowledged these difficulties -- and estimated that roughly 80% of their BD training/coaching budget is wasted. We’ll demonstrate a new method (favored by almost all of those interviewed) in which training investment decisions are based on observed behavior rather than biased projection.

And it’s much simpler than you’d expect, trivially inexpensive, and adds no management burden for you. None.

To learn more, join me for a free webinar “Eliminate $ Waste: Identify the right lawyers for BD training”

Save the Date and block your calendar: Thursday, October 18. 2018 at 2:00pm EDT

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