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The purpose of training is to develop practical capability.

Your Networking Essentials training gives you access to three courses that give you the skills you need to get a much greater return on the time you invest in networking activities. However, if you try to consume the courses like a law school curriculum, checking them off as complete, you won’t end up with any skill or capability. You might understand it intellectually, but you won’t have “done it.”

Click on this image to watch this introductory video

Click on this image to watch this introductory video

Before beginning any of the courses, you should invest six minutes watching Why You Need to Market and Sell Differently: Buyers' Comments. It will shift your mindset from the traditional pitch mentality to the one that buyers prefer.

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To get started interacting with clients and prospects the way they prefer, your first course should be The Door-Opener: Associate Yourself with Business Problems That Drive Demand for Your Expertise. This is the foundation concept on which all of RainmakerVT is based. It will teach you how to achieve and sustain Relevance, without which nobody has any reason to pay attention to you.

The more often you repeat courses, the more reliably you'll proactively create the practice you want, and that, over time, will replace randomness with predictable revenue. As this occurs, you’ll feel more confident that you know where your work is coming from, and that you can count on getting what you need. This will ratchet down the anxiety level many lawyers report feeling about not knowing where their work comes from.

Learning research consistently shows that repetition is critical to skill-building. You know you never got good at anything by reading, watching or listening to it once. Repetition, practice and feedback are the keys to progress, so please don’t approach this as if it were a college curriculum. "Networking Events" and "Expand Your Network From Your Desk" are both interactive simulations that include a Practice Mode that lets you refresh your memory in about five minutes. You should repeat those just before each time you'll apply them in the real world.

Over 20+ years, these processes were proven effective by thousands of lawyers like you. If you’re diligent and devote a few hours each week to RainmakerVT, you’ll develop skills, and you’ll get business.

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