1) Sign in to your firm account and click on Manage Users.

2) Scroll down to where it shows Status; "Active" will be shown.

3) Click on the drop down arrow to the right and select "All".  Click Search Users bottom left corner of page.

4) Search results show every registered user, whether active or inactive. A user becomes inactive following the expiration of a course. Locate the appropriate user and click on the "person" icon to the right of that user's access level. This brings up that user's profile.

5) First and most important, for a user that was showing "Inactive" on the previous page, change the Active User button from "No" to "Yes".

6) Calculate and update the Expiration field to the new expiration date. Within Application Settings, under Content Role(s): Current Roles for This User, click Manage.

7) Click the check box next to the new course.

8) Click Update Account in the lower left corner and you're done.