Cloud-based RainmakerVT is available 24/7 from any Internet device. RainmakerVT runs Flash, so if you want to access it via iPad, you’ll need to download the Photon browser from iTunes, or any of the other browsers that enable Flash to play on an iPad.

The purpose of training is to develop practical capability, in this case, at marketing, selling and client management.

Your RainmakerVT subscription gives you access to the entire course catalog. However, if during the 30 days you try to consume all the courses like a law school curriculum, checking them off as complete, you won’t end up with any skill or capability. You might understand some of it intellectually, but you won’t have “done it.”

Most lawyers’ business development experience has been reactive. Activities tend to fall into four categories:

  • Go to networking events

  • Write articles

  • Speak at conferences and before industry groups

  • Meet with prospective clients

These opportunities pop up by means unknown, and you react. Over time, we’ll change that, making everything more predictable, but right now you can’t afford to waste any of these serendipitous opportunities. RainmakerVT courses make you more confident about, and better at, the specific thing you have to do right now.

Before going through any of the courses, you should invest six minutes watching Why You Need to Market and Sell Differently: Buyers' Comments. It will shift your mindset from the traditional pitch mentality to the one that buyers prefer.

To get started interacting with clients and prospects the way they prefer, your first course should be The Door-Opener: Associate Yourself with Business Problems That Drive Demand for Your Expertise. This is the foundation concept on which all of RainmakerVT is based. It will teach you how to achieve and sustain Relevance, without which nobody has any reason to pay attention to you.

For the first 30 days, begin with relevant courses and practice sessions that correlate to your four primary activities:

  1. Networking Events

  2. Article-Writing

  3. Speaking at Conferences & Before Industry Groups

  4. Sales calls

We're not suggesting that you go through all these in 30 days. Rather, we're saying that whenever one of these activities is imminent, say, a week or less in the future, that you experience at least the first of the listed courses beforehand, preferably more than once.

If you continue your subscription beyond 30 days, continue going through courses that support your real-world activity. The more often you repeat them, the more reliably you'll proactively create the practice you want, and that, over time, will replace randomness with predictable revenue. As this occurs, you’ll feel more confident that you know where your work is coming from, and that you can count on getting what you need. This will ratchet down the anxiety level many lawyers report feeling about not knowing where their work comes from.

Subscribe to these newsletters we publish that will help you recognize common circumstances that you may not be aware that you can influence:

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  • Rainmaking in a Buyer’s Market: A broader perspective on lawyer business development in the New Normal

  • Training Triggers: Browse the list of circumstances that lawyers face. Experiment with the Search function to identify known circumstances relevant to lawyers you support. Each Training Trigger shows which training you should offer the lawyer who faces that situation.

  • (Optional: e-learning) Keep up to date on developments in the world of technology-based learning.


If You're Committed to Continuous Improvement

Convert your monthly subscription to an annual one. Each week, you'll receive a training plan that consists of:

  • Repeat courses previously covered

  • One or two new courses

  • 5-minute practice sessions for some of the simulations you’ve already experienced

  • Skill validation tools that will let you prove that you can count on these skills in the real world

Here's a look at the 48-week annual plan.

Learning research consistently shows that repetition is critical to skill-building.  You know you never got good at anything by reading, watching or listening to it once.  Repetition, practice and feedback are the keys to progress, so please don’t approach this as if it were a college curriculum.

Obviously, the real world doesn’t unfold as neatly as any training plan.  You’ll have to react to whatever comes your way, so whenever you any of these lessons, it’s available.  The plan is simply how you progress proactively, and it's sequenced to honor each course’s predicate.

Over 20+ years, these processes were proven effective by thousands of lawyers like you. If you’re diligent and devote a few hours each week to RainmakerVT, you’ll develop skills, and you’ll get business.  

Just as it does no good to exercise five hours one day, then do nothing for a few weeks, trying to consume a big percentage of the RainmakerVT content in a few weeks doesn't work.  Stay at it, a little bit each day. 

Trng Time Commitment by Week, Month.jpeg

Here's how the annual plan's training time commitment varies month-to-month and week-to-week --->

Yes, it's front-loaded. That's intentional; after all, you're just getting started. If you look at the average, over the course of a year, it averages 15 minutes per day.

The weekly median is 70 minutes, or 14 minutes per day. (There are as many weeks requiring less than 70 minutes as require more than 70.)

That’s it.  Good luck, and enjoy what every lawyer has told us is a relevant, engaging, challenging and effective training experience.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page. If you don't find what you need, contact us.