Consultants recognize that RainmakerVT's online training will help their law firm clients by delivering what the firms' lawyers really want -- capability on demand -- and avoiding what they don't want -- abstract training with vague "someday-maybe" usefulness.

Lawyers really don't want training. They don't have time for training, at least in the way that it's typically offered, i.e., "Spend a lot of time learning all this stuff. Hopefully, at least some of it will help you at some point." Having coached 7000 lawyers over 20 years, we've learned conclusively that lawyers simply won't allocate time to such an iffy proposition.

Busy lawyers want functional capability. They want to be successful at a specific meeting, presentation, or other marketing or sales task. More accurately, the activity immediately in front of them. Say, in the next 4-7 days.

RainmakerVT's a la carte courses, offered on a just-in-time basis, give lawyers what they need, when they need it -- and no more than they want.


 What Does "Just-In-Time" Mean?

If you offer a lawyer training today, even on a topic in which she's really interested, but for which she has no application until next month, when will she complete the training? You know the answer: Next month, a few days (at most) before she needs the skill being taught. Or never.

Firms typically have two fights with their lawyers about biz dev training:

  1. Get them to complete a training program (much of which seems abstract to them)
  2. Apply the training in the real world before they forget it

This fails because it's backward. Instead, why not begin with what they've already decided to do, and provide them an easy, convenient way to learn the specific skill they need to succeed -- right when they need it?


Begin by supporting lawyers' most important and frequent activity -- that the lawyers have already decided to do

Lawyers' marketplace activity is concentrated in four categories. They:

  • Attend networking events
  • Write articles
  • Speak at conferences and before industry groups
  • Meet with prospective clients

The good news is that each of these is anchored in the lawyers' calendars. They've already decided to do them, for their own reasons. With RainmakerVT's just-in-time training, you're approaching them with only the training that's immediately relevant to their imminent activity, so you avoid both fights above. 



RainmakerVT is cloud-based, which means it's available 24/7 from any computer or tablet. Lawyers like that they can learn at their convenience, especially during off-hours that don't interfere with their primary responsibilities.


Pricing: Reduce training cost and financial risk

RainmakerVT pricing is simple. Unit training cost and total financial investment are both marginal. There's no big program commitment. 

  • Unit cost: Each course is $40 for unlimited access by one lawyer for five calendar days after the registration date.
  • Investment: 50 courses x $40 = $2000. (Small firms sometimes opt to begin with half that.) 
  • Control: The Marketing or BD department controls access to the courses. Lawyers must request courses, and the BD folks can make sure it's the right course for the circumstances, and that it's delivered at the optimal time.
  • No waste: Courses don't stale-date or otherwise expire; the inventory only decreases when firms register a lawyer for a specific course for a specific 5-day period. Because lawyers only get the course when they need it, they're much more likely to use it.
  • Tight Feedback Loop: If you give a lawyer a course on the 10th of the month in support of activity on the 15th, on the 16th you can close the loop. What worked? What didn't? What do we need to do next?
  • Replace Only What You Use: When inventory gets low, we alert the firm to see if they want to refill the tank, by which point they have 40 lawyer experiences on which to base that decision.


Easy Implementation

We establish a secure, private domain for each law firm's training activity, and provide a convenient management dashboard so they can tell at a glance the status of all open course registrations.

We train the law firm's people to administer the course registration admin system -- as many people as they need, so that lawyers can always get what they need.

Biz Dev Managers have the direct contact with lawyers, and they who know what activity various lawyers have planned. We train them to be as relevant as possible, approaching lawyers proactively with only the training that will help the lawyers succeed at their imminent planned activity. They BDMs can also call Mike O'Horo (known throughout the industry as The Coach) for just-in-time guidance as they get familiar with the courses and how they correlate with different activity.

Here's a real-world example of the need for just-in-time training that just occurred recently.


Encountering Skepticism About Technology-Based Training's Effectiveness?

Many people, especially those who have little experience with TBT, assume that, if you can afford it, face-to-face instructor-led training (ILT) is the most effective way to train. They acknowledge that TBT offers cost savings, but perceive that those are at the expense of efficacy, citing the human connection element. Ironically, as my research comparing the two modes proved definitively, the human element is the source of all of ILT's disadvantages. In fact, TBT outperforms ILT on each of the 14 metrics that learning experts recognize, and by a surprising margin. To understand why, read my white paper.


Concerned That Lawyers Won't Embrace Virtual Training?

Lawyers who experience RainmakerVT courses give them rave reviews, describing the scenarios and dialog as "very realistic," and the training as "challenging," "engaging," "convenient," "relevant," and "fun."

Don't take my word for it. This summary of 100 in-depth user feedback interviews with lawyers of every type shares their verbatim comments and ratings. RainmakerVT isn't just for big firms. TechnoLawyer SmallLaw evaluated RainmakerVT. Their toughest rater, a solo practitioner, gave RainmakerVT the highest grade she's ever awarded. (Our A- was because, at the time, we couldn't run RainmakerVT on iPad; that's now solved.)