If you prefer, here’s a 3-minute Video tutorial.


When you login, you’ll arrive at your Dashboard, which displays all the articles you’ve submitted, and their status, e.g., Approved, Pending, Declined. It’s also where you can Delete any article you no longer want to appear in the library. (On your first login, you’ll see a message saying you have no files to view.)

You can click on any article title to review it.

Add Doc- 01 Dashboard- click any article to view it.jpg

Click Add Document

Add Doc- 02- click Add Document.jpg

You’ll see a blank Add Document screen

Add Doc- 01 blank screen.jpg

Enter Title and Summary

1. Enter your article’s Title

2. Enter a Summary that explains your article and motivates lawyers to read it.

Add Doc- 04- Title + Summary.jpg

Tip: If you intend to enter a number of articles (as we hope you will), you may find it helpful to create a spreadsheet in which you’ve already prepared the handful of content fields you’ll need.

Here’s an example from mine:

Choose Categories and Subjects (tags)

Lawyers can find content three ways: 1) Browsing categories and subcategories within a directory tree; 2) Clicking on main categories and viewing subcategories within; 3) Clicking on a list of Subjects (tags); 4) keyword search.

To choose a Category, click on the Category field and scroll down the list until you find what you want. Or begin typing and let Dezurve suggest categories. If none of the existing categories is appropriate, you can create a new category.



Choosing/creating Subjects (Tags), to avoid duplication, as you type you’ll be prompted with existing tags. To use the existing Tag, click on it, not “Add Tag.”


Use “Add Tag” only if you’re creating a new Tag, where no prompt is offered:

Add Doc- 07- Create new Tag.jpg

Enter Questions and Answers


You’re welcome to enter these any way you choose. However, I’ve found it easier and faster to create the Q&A beforehand, then copy and paste all the questions at the same time, then all the answers. Click Convert to Quiz and Dezurve will convert these into Q&A for you:


Click on the Type dropdown and select your Q&A format for each question.

Attach and Submit your article

Drag and drop your PDF into the Content field, then click the green Submit Content button.

Add Doc- 14- drag & drop PDF.jpg

If the Submit Content button isn’t green, that means you’ve left a field blank.


After a successful submission, you’ll see your article displayed. Use the vertical elevator to view the entire article to make sure it’s correct:

Add another document

Scroll to the top of the page and click Add Document.

The easiest way to create your Q&A

The Dezurve quizzes aren’t intended as tests in the traditional sense. Rather, their purpose is reinforcement. Lawyers review the article to locate the answers to the quiz questions.

All you have to do is pick a few sentences that contain the key points in your article, and remove a word or short phrase to convert them to a fill-in-the-blank quiz question. What could be simpler?

Using the article displayed above, you’d have:

Q: Few To-Do list activities are anchored by a __________ _______, which makes it hard for you to know what to do, or how much of it you need to do.

A: beneficial outcome

You’ll note that, preceding “…activities are anchored…” I modified the sentence slightly for the quiz, replacing “None of these…” with “Few To-Do list…” because the quiz question doesn’t include the “better than nothing” sentence that’s the antecedent that explains “None…”

That’s it.