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By now, everyone knows that these capabilities aren’t innate; they’re learned skills. The learning mission has three components, each of which is accomplished with different tools at appropriate cost:


Produces awareness, understanding, attitude change. Should be free or at nominal cost, available 24/7. Check out Dezurve, which, for pennies per day, does two important things for you: 1) provides first-class BD education for all your lawyers, and 2) identifies which lawyers are serious about learning and which aren’t (and will waste your money).


The doing and practicing that produces measurable skills. Inexpensive via online courseware. Via online video courses and interactive simulations, RainmakerVT teaches your lawyers the skills they need to get found by the right prospects and get chosen for the work.


Strategic & tactical guidance to apply skills learned in Training to produce tangible results. Here’s my approach.

Shall we discuss your firm’s training goals, and how to implement the right mix of these tools so you can eliminate the 80% of the BD training budget that’s wasted by lawyers who aren’t committed to improving, and invest in the lawyers who are most likely to generate ROI?

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