If you feel you've mastered a particular simulation, try its Ready Mode. It will contain the same questions from the simulation, but, as in real-life, there will be no virtual coach upon which to rely, and no do-over. You’ll have 20 seconds to answer each question correctly. If you get a question wrong, you'll return to the beginning of that Ready Mode to start over, much like a video game.

When you can answer all the questions correctly within a time limit that doesn't give you time to think about your answer, you'll have proved that you've internalized that process and can apply it reliably in the real world, where you don't have time to think about what to do next.

Ready Mode isn't intended to test your short-term memory, but to determine whether or not you've actually internalized the capability, so allow three weeks or so between your last exposure to the simulation or Practice Mode. That way, you'll see what you've learned, not merely what you recall.