It's not news that it's hard for lawyers to stick with a sustained training program. Training always seems to be last on lawyers' lists, something they'll get to when they have extra time (an elusive concept). Lawyers everywhere told us that's not only because they're busy, because also because too much of training feels arbitrary, i.e., they don't see an immediate, practical application for it; they're learning it for the sake of learning it. We learned that, unless the training is connected to something that's important to you, e.g., imminent activity for which you'd benefit from specific training and support, it's insufficiently compelling for you to make time for it. I think you'd agree that this reflects your own experience. As a result, a high percentage of the firm's training investment gets wasted because lawyers don't use it, which makes firms understandably reluctant to continue offering it.

In response to this, we created a new form of training license, for which your firm has opted, and through which it will provide you one relevant course at a time, on a just-in-time basis, to support real-world marketing and sales activity.

For example, let's say you're going to a networking event next Thursday. The firm will give you access to the Networking Event simulation five days before the scheduled real-world event. You'll have unlimited use of that course for those five days. Let's say that you've met someone at the event who has a problem you can solve, and who is willing to have a subsequent call or meeting with you to discuss particulars. The firm will give you the Next Steps Sales Call simulation five days before your appointment. You have an opportunity to write an article for a trade publication. The firm will give you the Write Articles with Greater Impact -- in 30 Minutes course five days before the article abstract is due. And so forth.

There are a number of other situations for which training can make a difference, that lawyers are unaware can be influenced positively. Take a look at the Training Triggers feed and you'll see some examples, such as "My best client is changing jobs and I don't know her successor." When you recognize yourself in any of the listings, click on the title to learn which course(s) will help you. Then, ask Carolee's department for access to the relevant training.

We've learned from lawyers at many firms that they really don't want "training," per se. They want capability to succeed at what they have to do right now. The intersection of relevance and imminence offered by this "capability on demand" strategy is proving to be much more effective for all concerned, and has eliminated virtually all of the training waste that resulted from the program model.

I hope this addresses your request. If you have other questions, please call me.