Begin now

Here's the best argument of implementing Dezurve immediately vs. delaying until a new CMO is onboard.

Here's your likely recruiting timeline, showing best-, average-, and worst-case scenarios.

McGlinchey coaching timeline.jpg

As you see, even if you embrace my recruiting-process suggestions and manage to outperform the industry's recruiting norms by a lot, your best-case scenario has your new CMO available to coach lawyers in January at the very earliest. The more your process resembles the norm, the more likely your CMO won't be on board until late Winter or early Spring.

You know that your markets aren't going to just wait around for you for 3-4 months, much less six or more.

The November midterm elections will likely change control of the House of Representatives, and there's at least a possibility of the Senate switching, too. That will mean companies making strategic- and operational changes, and a very different regulatory environment. Capital markets will respond, and we could easily see a very different business environment. Amid such dynamism, lawyers will need coaching help to exploit opportunity and neutralize threats.

My proposal

Stage One:

Implement the Dezurve online education program now.

Available to all lawyers, it shows that the firm isn't standing still during the CMO vacancy. It also begins the process of identifying which lawyers deserve additional investment. By mid-September, half your lawyers will have demonstrated their disinterest by not even registering for access. By the end of the month, the idly curious will also have dropped off, leaving a core group.

Stage Two:

By October first, some of your lawyers will have shown sufficient seriousness of purpose for you to make another modest investment in them by providing them with the RainmakerVT 90-day guided-learning program. Roughly half will continue to progress for the second three months, identifying them as your better bets for 1:1 coaching investment.

As you see within the black frame, your new CMO will arrive with the deadweight identified and removed from the pool, and solid behavioral data about which lawyers are serious about learning BD skills. He or she can then begin managing a training budget that isn't suffering from 80% waste.

Interim coaching:

Throughout this 3-6 month interim period, I'll coach those who a) have satisfied your performance criteria, or b) have a legitimate ad hoc sales opportunity where coaching would raise the lawyer's confidence level and the odds of conversion.