This Memorandum of Understanding spells out the terms of our collaboration.

Based on the consumption- and cost projections modeled in the Google Sheet I shared with you, your firm will get:

Business Development Education Library

  • Unlimited access for all the firm's attorneys (est. 450) for 12 months following the public launch of Version 1.0 of the application
  • Ability to establish "graduation" criteria that the firm deems indicative of seriousness of purpose
  • Management dashboard that enables group and individual performance assessment within the Library, and alerts management when lawyers satisfy the firm's graduation criteria
  • Ability to submit firm-owned materials for inclusion in the Library, inaccessible to other firms unless the firm chooses to make them public

RainmakerVT online courses

  • As many individual courses to assign to lawyers as the firm needs, under one of two conditions

  1. Permanently to lawyers who have satisfied the firm’s graduation criteria
  2. Temporarily to lawyers who need training for an imminent real-world interaction
  • Management dashboard that enables group and individual performance assessment within RainmakerVT


  • System training for one or more Administrators to assign courses to lawyers

  • Instruction for Business Development Managers to apply the just-in-time concept to correlate RainmakerVT courses with lawyers’ needs

  • Telephone- and online support as needed

  • Beta collaboration

    • Continual updates throughout the software development process, e.g., functional/design decisions, milestones reached. The firm’s input is welcomed at any time.

In exchange for this, your firm will facilitate development by purchasing the product/service now for a discount of roughly 75-80% off the projected cost based on the behavior model spreadsheet referenced above.