The firm has purchased a new type of business development training to help you develop and master the skills you need to earn the type of practice you want. Here's what we bought, why we chose that training solution, how it will help you, and you should expect.


What is RainmakerVT?

RainmakerVT is not a training program in the traditional sense, i.e., where you commit to a multi-week or -month curriculum. Instead, its an online library of discrete business development training courses that are available 24/7 from any computer or tablet. It consists of two forms:

  1. video lessons with quizzes embedded in them, and
  2. interactive simulations in which you manage an avatar through a series of interactions with prospects. At each of several decision points, you choose from five responses. For each choice, you get immediate video coaching that explains why that choice was or wasn't optimal. Following the explanation of an incorrect choice, you choose again, continuing until you choose correctly, which causes the scenario to advance to the next decision point, prompting you to choose a response, etc.

This is not learning for its own sake, but just-in-time training to support  upcoming real-world business development activity. Your BD department will make a course available to you roughly five days before scheduled activity at which you'll need the skill being trained. For example, if you're going to a networking event on the 10th of the month, you'll get access to the Networking Event simulation on the 5th. You'll have unlimited access to the course throughout those five days.

The core idea is, "Only what you need; only when you need it."


Why Did We Choose RainmakerVT?

Most training requires you to commit to a lengthy series of seminars and coaching, in the belief that at some unspecified date in the future, you'll become a rainmaker of some unspecified degree.

The "protracted learning, delayed success" approach doesn't work with lawyers, who have too much to do, and too little time to do it. The result is the firm battling with you to complete a lengthy training program, and battling with you to apply it in the marketplace before you forget it.

That's backwards. Instead, this training begins with what you've already decided to do, to make you really good at that. And you'll only have to invest 15-30 minutes to develop each separate capability (although we encourage you to repeat the training often enough to master the skill).

RainmakerVT is not theoretical. It's pure "how," i.e., nuts-and-bolts training that drills all the way down to the dialog level, showing precisely how to use the skill. You learn by doing, within the privacy of a virtual world.

To see the complete array of RainmakerVT training courses (including short excerpts), click here.


How The Training Will Help You

Because you're only learning what you're about to use, it will take much less of your time, and you'll be better prepared through a concrete approach in which all the "how" has been provided. You'll feel more confident, and you'll come home with tangible results.


What You Should Expect

This is a two-way street. To the degree that they're familiar with what you have planned, your BD department will offer you training course(s) relevant to that. To make this work most effectively, you should let them know whenever you put something into your calendar, such as:

  • A deadline for an article you're writing
  • A networking event you've decided to attend
  • A speaking engagement you've accepted
  • Sales calls or client meetings

You should approach the BD department to request help with any BD challenges you face. They'll give you access to the most appropriate course.

To make your learning continuous, we encourage you to subscribe to three blogs published by RainmakerVT:

  • ResultsMailVT: Each week, you'll receive a concise, nuts-and-bolts, immediately applicable marketing/sales tip via email. This has been published continuously for 20 years, so there's a huge archive that you can search by keyword.
  • Rainmaking in a Buyer's Market addresses larger, more strategic issues having to do with developments in the market for legal services per se.
  • Training Triggers is a list of common situations, challenges, and opportunities that lawyers face in their business development life. Each situation is linked to RainmakerVT courses that help you overcome that challenge.