Week 10 recap:

You refreshed: Write Articles with Greater Impact - the PAR Framework [Getting Found]; Networking Events [Getting Found]; and Winning a Beauty Contest [Getting Chosen]. You learned a new lesson: How to Maximize a Speaking Engagement [Getting Found]. You practiced: The Cost of Doing Nothing [Getting Chosen], and Stakeholder Alignment [Getting Chosen].

Week 11 Plan:

Refresh These Skills:

  • How to Maximize a Speaking Engagement [Getting Found]
  • Learning the Company-Specific Flavor of Your Door Opener [3.1.1]

New Skill:

  • Gaining Access to Decision-Makers [Getting Found]

Practice These Skills:

  • Winning a Beauty Contest [Getting Chosen]
  • Next Steps Meeting [Getting Chosen]
  • Networking Events [Getting Found]

Validate This Skill: Use the Ready Mode for this simulation. Don't refresh or practice first. This is your chance to see how well you've actually learned this critical skill. Good luck.

  • Cost of Doing Nothing [Getting Chosen]