Week 1 Recap

You completed:

Combined, these courses taught you the fundamental “Door-Opener” concept, and how to apply it at networking events. As you progress, you’ll see repeatedly how these basics will form a solid foundation for everything you do. If you haven't completed them, invest an hour to establish your foundation, and prevent getting behind. 

Week 2 Plan

Refresh this skill:

New Skills:

You’ll learn how to apply the Door-Opener concept to create a sustainable business conversation that earns you “thought leadership” and gets you found by the clients you most want. You’ll also learn how to predict future legal demand - and trigger short-term demand.

This course shows you how to handle what many lawyers find uncomfortable: trying to do business with family, friends and others without jeopardizing the existing social relationship.

Practice This Skill:

This week you’ll begin using the Practice Mode for previous simulations. The idea is for you to spend 5-10 minutes reinforcing these new skills. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

Total projected learning time this week: About an hour, in 15-min chunks.