Week 26 Recap

You refreshed:

  • Identifying Less Obvious Stakeholders in Your Door Opener [Getting Found]
  • Next Steps Meeting [Getting Chosen]

You practiced:

  • Winning a Beauty Contest [Getting Chosen]
  • Networking Events [Getting Chosen]

If you haven't completed this, please invest an hour or so in yourself over the weekend to do so. When we fall behind, it's easy for that to snowball and feel overwhelming. At this point, you've proven to yourself that you're not really learning new skills, but how to apply the "lawyering" skills that have made you successful, and that you trust. Now, you're trying to get to the point where your business development is as natural a part of your thinking as is "lawyering." You'll progress to where these are your thoughts, not RainmakerVT's. These principles will prepare you to deal with whatever shows up in the marketplace.

Week 27 Plan

Refresh This Skill:

  • How to Maximize a Speaking Engagement [Getting Found]

Practice These Skills:

  • Expanding Your Network from Your Desk [Getting Found]
  • Networking Events [Getting Found]
  • Stakeholder Alignment [Getting Chosen]