Week 2 Recap

In Transforming Social Contacts Into Business Contacts [Getting Found, 13 mins.], you learned how to explore business relationships with social contacts without jeopardizing the social relationship, and in Uncovering a Business Issue that Will Open Doors for You [Getting Found, 13 mins.], how to create demand based on your Door-Opener

Week 3 Plan

Refresh This Skill:

  • Complete the Networking Event [Getting Found, 30 mins] simulation for the second time.

Exposure to New Skill:

  • “Next Steps” Meeting which you’ll find in the Getting Chosen [20 mins.] category. Based on your success applying the Door-Opener concept at the virtual networking event, you now have a call or meeting scheduled with a business owner who has a problem that requires your expertise to solve.  In this simulation, you’ll learn how to conduct your interaction with the gate-keeper in a way that creates an ally, and how to manage the discussion of the owner's problem in a way that creates a sustainable business conversation leading to a decision about the Door-Opener problem.

Practice these skills using Practice Mode for each simulation:

Total projected learning time this week: Just over an hour and a half, in 20-30-min chunks.