Week 6 Recap:

You learned how to facilitate a good decision among a group of people with a stake in your Door-Opener problem, and you practiced these four key processes: 

  • The Cost of Doing Nothing
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Networking Events
  • Next Steps Meeting

Week 7 Plan:

Refresh This Skill:

  • Stakeholder Alignment

New Skill:

Winning a Beauty Contest [Getting Chosen]. This derives from the Stakeholder Alignment process you learned last week, which is why we had you refresh it. More companies are organizing formal buying schemes, e.g., RFPs, beauty contests, especially for more mature services. Either you're controlling it, or it's controlling you. You’ll learn a new process to facilitate a decision with a larger number of stakeholders in a formal competition with other firms. Contain your cost of sales and win – or identify an alleged opportunity as a loser and opt out gracefully.

Practice These Skills:

  • The Cost of Doing Nothing  [Getting Chosen]
  • Learning the Company-Specific Flavor of Your Door Opener  [Getting Chosen]
  • Networking Events [Getting Found]
  • Next Steps Meeting [Getting Chosen]
  • Winning a Beauty Contest [Getting Chosen]