Week 7 recap:

You refreshed Stakeholder Alignment [Getting Chosen]; learned a new lesson, Winning a Beauty Contest [Getting Chosen]; and you practiced: Stakeholder Alignment [Getting Chosen]; Next Steps Meeting [Getting Chosen]; Networking Events [Getting Found]; Winning a Beauty Contest [Getting Chosen]. You should have completed Ready Mode for Learning the Company-Specific Flavor of Your Door Opener [Getting Chosen]. Were you able to get all the choices right within the time limit? If you didn’t, don’t worry. You’ll see it again.

Week 8 Plan:

Refresh These Skills:

  • Winning a Beauty Contest [Getting Chosen]
  • Cost of Doing Nothing [Getting Chosen]
  • Stakeholder Alignment [Getting Chosen]

New Skill:

  • Collaborative Approach to Pricing [Getting Chosen]

Practice These Skills:

  • Stakeholder Alignment [Getting Chosen]
  • Next Steps Meeting [Getting Chosen]
  • Networking Events [Getting Found]
  • Winning a Beauty Contest [Getting Chosen]