Welcome to RainmakerVT

In a separate email, you received your username and password, instructions how to access the training, and a link to a browser that lets you view RainmakerVT's Flash content on an iPad.

RainmakerVT’s online training features two types of courses:

  • Interactive simulations in which you learn the skill from within a virtual scenario. You’ll manage an avatar through a series of “say/do” decisions as you progress through the challenge. Each simulation also features two auxiliary modes:
    • Practice Mode, where, in just five minutes, just before you apply the skill in the real world, you refresh what you learned previously.
    • Ready Mode, a skill-validation tool that lets you test the degree to which you’ve internalized the skill you learned, and whether it’s available to you on demand in the real world.
  • Video lessons with drag-and-drop quizzes embedded. These will be narrower topics that don’t lend themselves to the degree of dialogue and interaction offered in the simulations.

In addition to the free Perspective content, courses are organized in two categories:

  • Getting Chosen: This is the decision-management process by which you convert an opportunity into a paying client
  • Getting Found: All the marketing activities that produce high-quality opportunities for you to convert using the Getting Chosen skills

Your training is available to you 24/7 from any computer.

Each Friday, you’ll receive email containing a review showing what you should have completed during the week now concluding, and a link to the following week’s plan. If you haven’t finished the concluding week’s assignments, please allocate some time over the weekend to keep up. Over the course of a year, both the average and the mean weekly time commitment is an hour and fifteen minutes. It’s not evenly distributed; there’s some front-loading, and towards the end it gets lighter because we assume you've been diligently learning for all those previous weeks. Here’s what it looks like:

Trng Time Commitment by Week, Month.jpeg


Here’s your Week 1 Training Plan

New Skills:

Since this is your first week, all your courses will be new ones. Next week we'll introduce refreshers and practice sessions. To help you navigate the system, beside each course title, in [brackets] you'll see the Category and the approximate training time. When you sign-in and enter the Training Center, you'll see the categories first. Click on the category that contains your course, as shown in brackets within the plan.



Orientation: Why You Need to Market and Sell Differently [Perspective, 6 minutes]

Your virtual coaches explain the philosophical underpinnings of RainmakerVT, and why continuous training is so critical to lawyers' business development. They share the results of studies that explain why lawyers often struggle in the marketplace, and give you a taste of buyers' surprising reactions to typical lawyer marketing and sales behaviors – and why they prefer the Getting Found/Getting Chosen framework.

Door Opener: Associating Yourself with Issues That Drive Demand [Getting Found, 15 minutes] 

Your “Door Opener” is business issue that requires a prospect to hire someone with your skills. Legal-service nouns, e.g., “Litigation” or “M&A,” are not part of buyers' language, and will exclude you from the conversations that matter. This course teaches you how to define yourself so that you're included.

Networking Event [Getting Found, 30 minutes] 

Events command a huge share of lawyers’ marketing time. Yet for many, they yield too little by way of new business opportunities. Hint: It’s not the fault of the event. This is how you progress from “Hello” to a scheduled meeting about a problem that requires your skills, or those of a colleague.

Combined, these courses will only take about an hour or less to complete. However, even in that short time, they'll teach you the fundamental “Door-Opener” concept, and how to apply it at networking events. You’ll see how these basic principles will form a solid foundation for everything you do in the marketplace.

Total projected learning time this week: About an hour.

If you need help with anything, contact us:

  • Trish Wilson: System function and operation
  • Mike O’Horo: Learning and applying the courses. Sales coaching.