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During the Summer and early Fall, Seattle solo attorney Chandra Lewnau evaluated RainmakerVT for SmallLaw (part of the TechnoLawyer network). In November, she awarded a score of 4.3 (out of 5.0), which translates into a grade of A-minus. Obviously, we're gratified by Ms. Lewnau's independent assessment, not only because it's so positive and she’s considered SmallLaw's toughest rater, but also because it's consistent with the 100 in-depth user feedback interviews we conducted with lawyers throughout the US.

Ms. Lewnau’s observations are not merely the product of her using RainmakerVT for a couple of months, but the culmination of contributions by countless people over 20 years of training and coaching lawyers, and two years of trial and error, the effort and commitment of some very talented business partners, and the support and encouragement of many clients and industry friends.

I’ll apologize now if the following ends up sounding a bit like those tiresome Oscar acceptance speeches where, despite going beyond your time allotment, you still manage to overlook somebody’s important contribution.  

We have many to thank for whatever’s right about RainmakerVT, including:

  • The more than 7000 lawyers in every type of firm and practice discipline who hired me to train and coach them over 20 years.  They were my living laboratory as I learned their psychological makeup, preferences, anxieties, taboos, stresses.  How else could I realistically have translated my previous 20 years commercial sales experience into lawyer culture, and then later synthesized it into a virtual learning system?
  • All the thought leaders in the entertainment industry who shared their wisdom about how they make movies and games so engaging, and helped us figure out how much of that we could apply to a business development training experience for lawyers.  (At the outset, some lawyers only half-jokingly suggested we were nuts to build training to help lawyers learn something they really wish they didn’t have to do at all.)
  • My co-founder, Craig Levinson (now Director of Sales and Business Development at Berger Singerman, who moved into our “skunk works” for six weeks, each of us writing scripts all day, reading and critiquing each other’s work, editing, rewriting and polishing scenarios, scripts and dialog for 14 hours each day as we pressed to hit our content deadline.
  • The team at LightspeedVT, our technology platform partner, who endured countless back-and-forth struggles as we made ever more outrageous demands that stretched them far, far beyond their comfort zone in pursuit of a product we’d be proud to stake our reputations on.  
  • The development crew at ApogeeInvent who, following our mood swing from euphoric to daunted when, after we completed development of the world’s first interactive virtual sales training for lawyers (“Eureka!  We’ve invented the airplane!”), jumped in when we realized that we still had to  create the airport, i.e., all the front- and back-end connections that enabled us to integrate inbound marketing, back-office subscriber services, affiliate payment, and all the other stuff required in a functional ecosystem.
  • All our law industry clients and friends who generously gave us candid feedback throughout product development, and afterward recruited the lawyers to serve as our feedback group.
  • Well over 100 lawyers who tested RainmakerVT.  They took time out of busy practices to spend time experiencing our simulations, and gave us thoughtful and insightful feedback in a shorter time than they would have preferred.
  • Our families, who probably didn’t plan on gaining such a deep, hands-on understanding of the fully-loaded definition of pro bono, and who did everything possible to help us through all of the foregoing.  
  • The pioneering “early adopter” firms and lawyers who purchased RainmakerVT even though they didn’t completely understand what “interactive virtual training” meant.

That’s why Ms. Lewnau’s objective critique means so much, and why we’re proud of RainmakerVT.

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