How many times have clients, prospects and contacts (some of whom you know well) cancelled calls, meetings or lunches?  Why do they do that? Why does it take forever to get someone on the phone, even though you've known them forever?

It’s simple.  It’s about “today.” 

They perceive that what they’ll get out of that time spent with you today won’t sufficiently help them do their jobs better, improve operations, reduce cost, raise profitability or make them heroes to their bosses -- today.

It’s not that they don’t want to see or speak with you; it’s that they can’t justify allocating the time today. If spending time with you takes them away from what they have to deal with today, it means that you’re not relevant to their jobs today, so it won’t happen. Make that “can’t happen.” 

Even if these are people you've known for many years. People with whom you've worked successfully. It used to be that we joked about it being a "what have you done for me lately" kind of world. Maybe yesterday. Today, it's what will you do for me today that I can't afford to miss out on today?

It's about relevance, but not in the broad sense. How are you relevant to my challenge today?

People are rarely free to indulge themselves in the luxury of having lunch today with someone whom they merely like and respect. Lunch today is a big block of time out of their day. They’re obligated to reserve that much time for those who are likely to make a difference in their problems today. 

So, how will your prospects and clients be better off if they make time for you today?

Mike O'Horo

RainmakerVT will teach you how to move up the value chain reliably, to where your contacts cancel their ‘other’ appointment to be available for you today.