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Tough times call for bold choices, and nowhere is that more true than in the legal profession. We’ve seen huge changes in the economy over the last few years, changes that have inspired many lawyers and law school graduates to go solo or join smaller firms. Like all of today’s entrepreneurs, they find it challenging to attract clients, manage their businesses, and achieve their financial goals all at once.

As you know, the focus of my business is to help you grow your business. I’ve worked with lawyers and helped them make amazing strides in building a client base—and a practice—they love.

I was lucky enough this month to contribute to a fantastic resource for solos that pulled together experts in this area. It’s a free online interview series called The Art of Being Solo: How to Create a Solo Law Practice You Love and Live the Life You Want.  Click here to register now.

The host of the summit, Attorney Sarah Poriss, is a solo herself, and she loves the business side of running her practice. She interviewed me and others to explore the issues and challenges faced by solos and small firm attorneys to answer the question “How can we all build a law practice that we love and that inspires us?”

Register now to get access to this online summit interview series. I really enjoyed my discussion with Sarah and want to make sure you don’t miss the valuable information in these interviews, so register now.

Mike O'Horo