From time to time I come across examples of truly innovative thinking that's well executed. Today is one of those days. Let me introduce you to Crosselerator, a neat package devised by Joe Reevy (an American living in Europe).

Crosselerator was built, Joe says, "Because client firms kept telling me they spent lots of money getting internal cross-referral training and it just didn't work. The obvious answer was to automate it."

Simply, Crosselerator inserts additional content (which can be a paragraph of text, links, videos, pictures…anything) to your normal email correspondence between your 'sign off' and the Outlook signature.

Always appropriate content

It applies logic so that what is inserted is always appropriate for the recipient of the email and is delivered at an appropriate time. The amended email is stored in the sender's Outbox.

So, for example, if you want to tell your clients about a webinar you’re hosting on changes to international money-laundering regulations, Crosselerator will add a message in the run-up to the event to select emails sent to chosen commercial clients, such as shown below.


The message in this case is text, styled the same way as the original email, but it can be anything – including video, logos, links, etc. The reason it works, according to the Crosselerator people, is that because this is normal correspondence, not marketing, the read rates are near 100%, and a well-crafted message will have a click-through rate of 60% plus.

"Proactive afterthoughts"

The default setting is to apply any one message only once so it looks like genuine proactive afterthoughts, not obviously automated. “The reason for this,” as Joe says, is "appearing genuinely proactive is a huge advantage, and Crosselerator allows apparent proactivity to be automated." That can be overridden, allowing a message to be repeated.

One huge plus point is that the attachment of messages is under the control of the system administrator, and the lawyers whose emails are being enhanced don’t need to do anything at all (but they can suspend it anytime they want).

The whole system can be under the control of just one person in the firm, who can ensure that outgoing email is leavened with the right messages to promote the firm's service offering properly. An individual user can suspend the operation of Crosselerator if desired.

It takes about an hour to set up on the cloud and install on 5 computers, and half an hour to train the administrator.

The system is currently in its final live testing with UK law firms in Manchester, Birmingham, and London. It will be formally launched at the London LegalEX show on March 21, 2018.

99% read-rates

Indicative read rates for the emails are (as expected) >99% and click-through rates are better than 50% - ten times what one would expect from a typical standalone marketing email. Interestingly, the number of reads and clickthroughs comfortably exceeds the number of opened messages, which shows that valuable email is looked at several times.

Security: All data are held in encrypted form on a UK-resident physical server which is de-tagged and which contains no other software. Double- or triple authentication is required for all users.

Here’s a closer look at Crosslerator.

Disclaimer: I have no financial- or other interest in Crosselerator. I’m introducing it because it appears to be a new and useful tool to help solve the longstanding cross-selling problem for law firms and lawyers.

Mike O’Horo

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