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It's not often that I encounter truly fresh thinking, expressed in an interesting way. However, my friend Allan Colman has hit that standard with The New Colors of Law Firm Marketing, billed as "the world's first law firm marketing coloring book."

“New Colors” is not your kids' coloring book. Rather, it is a fresh new way to teach attorneys to:

  • Grow more revenue
  • Grow more clients
  • Open more doors
  • Build a strategic advantage
  • Create more opportunities
  • Overcome the fear of the sales process

It combines humorous quotes heard over the years from attorneys and in-house counsel about marketing and business development. Allan and his partner converted them into cartoons to illustrate the points, and combined them with the latest observations and tactics needed to grow new business.

The crayon-wielding lawyer is encouraged to do it at his own pace. Each illustration is accompanied by content designed to focus the crayons on amplifying new business growth. So lawyers and law firm marketers can now color away, while reflecting on ways to grow their business, at their own pace, in a relaxed environment. 

Quotes from attorneys, including in-house counsel, which in turn are converted to cartoons include:

  • “When I was in law school, marketing meant going to the grocery store.”
  • “Marketing should not be left to the marketing department.”
  • “Honestly, I don’t know how to begin.”
  • “I failed on one proposal; why try again?”
  • “Our law firms are spoiled and dull.  I want to shake things up.”

The Coloring Book identifies tactics and strategies that overcome these obstacles. They bring home the messages that can then be put into immediate practice including:

  • Convert your values to “their” needs
  • Everyone needs to have the same elevator message
  • ABR – always build relationships
  • Rainmaking need not start outside the firm
  • Emails don’t end in handshakes

"New Colors" contains many more humorous and educational cartoons and content. It ends by giving the “colorers” an opportunity to pick a topic and draw their own cartoon. Suggestions for topics come from other excuses the authors have heard from other attorneys and marketing professionals, such as:

  • I’m afraid of the process
  • I won’t cross – sell
  • I’m not compensated for marketing
  • We have no training program

and Allan's favorite, “I know no one who knows anyone!”

When using "Colors" in workshops and seminars, attorneys are not asked to actually color in the cartoons. But, if they do have an epiphany, are feeling creative, or thinking outside the box, Allan encourages it.


You can download "Colors" at no cost here.