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Apparently, the "I want" disease is persistent. In my previous post, I shared my experience with a fellow named Steve, who contacted me April 22 and 24 via LinkedIn. Well, Steve clearly isn’t a ResultsMailVT subscriber, because since then he sent me three more LinkedIn communications, each one a poster child for the “I want” disease.

April 30:

Hello Mike,

I wanted to take a moment to follow up with you. Have you had the opportunity to reach an infinite amount of leads on LinkedIn? Have you seen an increase in business from LinkedIn?

You and I connected a few weeks ago and I haven’t had a chance to go over our new-to-market LinkedIn Lead Generation and Prospecting Technology that has quickly produced many more Connections and Leads for our clients all with our unique managed service.

If you would like some more information, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I would like to send you a video that details our service and your business’ potential to reach more leads than any other social media platform could deliver.  You can also schedule a 30-minute meeting at [calendar link].

If you see anyone in my network that you would like to connect with, let me know and I will make it happen! I look forward to talking with you.


May 14

Hey Mike,

I would love to hear about your business and what your business goals are. You have been a member of my network for a few weeks now and I have yet to chat with you. We need to get in-touch soon!

Do you consistently use LinkedIn? I highly recommend that we find time to speak with each other! We have launched our Brand-New Technology and we are already supporting over 1,000 LinkedIn users with our Lead Generation Managed Service. We have regularly delivered many more Targeted Connections for them with a Typical Lead Conversion rate in excess of 20% as can be seen from our Case Studies.

If you would like to know more, you can schedule a time for a Call Back here: [calendar link].

or if you would prefer I can send you more information on LinkedIn Messaging. I look forward to chatting with you.

Thank you,


May 28:

Hey Mike,

I want to help you reach more customers and create an infinite amount of leads for your business. We need to chat about using LinkedIn to generate more business for you!

If you haven’t seen our new-to-market LinkedIn Lead Generation and Prospecting Technology, I suggest you allow me to send over some brief content explaining it. This is a Unique Managed Service which is delivering great results for our Clients. We have made this a painless process that requires very little of your time. We bring you leads and you close the deal!

There really is nothing on the market like it and you just sit back and let Targeted Leads pour in and watch your Qualified Connections grow quicker than you ever imagined. Please feel free to book a time for a Call Back here: [calendar link]

I look forward to your response and hope all is well.

Thank you,


OK, time for a pop quiz:

  1. How many examples of “I want” did you count?

  2. Did you see anything in Steve’s communications to me that was about me or my business? Anything at all about understanding anything about my business or situation? Anything that suggests that he even took a glance at my website or LinkedIn profile?

This is a clumsy series of pitches about his product, based on the flimsy foundation of a cynical claim to want to understand me -- even though there’s enough information online by and about me to get him pretty far down that road if he was truly interested in that?

How could Steve have approached this differently, in a way that triggered my respect and attention?

Make a tiny investment

He could have visited my RainmakerVT or Dezurve websites and quickly gotten a pretty good idea of what I do, with whom, how, and for how long. From that, he could have made some educated guesses about my needs as a member of a category, and posed them as such. Maybe something like this:

Hi, Mike,

A quick glance at your LinkedIn profile and websites tells me that you’ve been training and coaching lawyers for 27 years. Much has changed in that time, not only in the law business, but in the marketing communications business. Unless you’re the outlier who continuously monitors the emergence of new marketing tools, and updates his approaches in response to them, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re applying methods and techniques that have become outdated and less effective. Might it be worth a phone conversation to compare what you’re doing against the latest approaches?

If I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that I haven’t spent time scouring the Internet to discover new marketing tools and approaches. We assume that because our horse-drawn carriage has always gotten us where we need to go that it continues to be the best way to get there. Why would we investigate to see if someone has created something better, e.g., the car?

This recognition would be enough reason for me to have a short conversation with him to see if he has anything of value.

Final note: I clicked through to his company’s LinkedIn profile and saw this in the Recent Updates section:

It has been awhile since we have been active on here, but look for weekly updates on what is happening at [Company Name].  If you are interested in a "Done-for-You" LinkedIn Service with unmatched technology let us know and we can send you some info.

Also, if you ever have any marketing questions don't hesitate to ask...this is an open discussion!

A month ago a reader posted: “Just curious. How does this work?” To date, no response from anyone at Steve's company.

Is this someone you want to take marketing advice from? "I want" is a toxic disease. The cure is relevance. Make yourself relevant to your audience's situation.

Mike O'Horo

P.S. Steve's messages are filled with exclamation points, which, IMO, makes him sound like a breathless 13-year-old.